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January 05, 2009




I am SO excited for you.


Happy New Year indeed!!! I've got tears in my eyes for you three. I'm so happy.

What a missed due date. I know it doesn't take away the pain of the last year, I think it is good to mark it.

I'm sending my twin a massive amount of love. xoxoxoxoxoxox

p.s. Thank you so much for the update, it must be a very hectic time.


Congratulations to you and your family! What a way to start the year.


Oh, oh, oh, oh! I'm sobbing! I choked on the oatmeal I was eating, and my husband rushed over, thinking it was bad. but oh, no,nothing could be better! I am so, so amazed that you found him right around your due date! And that he was born on my due date!!!!!!!!! Do, please, email me at arossi@aces.edu and please send me your mailing address. I want to send you something! Oh Rebeccah, congratulations! I'm so very happy for you and the Mister.

Mrs. X

Oh my God!!! How absolutely wonderful! So many wonderful wishes are heading to you, the Mister and your new little one. Congratulations!


Goosebumps. What an amazing, serendipitous, heartstoppingly beautiful event. I am over the moon for you and your family (your beautiful little boy!!). 2009 is shaping up to be a damn good year! I will be stalking you for more, more, more information!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat

Quite a day! Congratulations!!!

Hope you can all go home soon.


Wow. As soon as I saw the blurb on the LFCA, I started crying for you... actually reading your post has me bawling my eyes out.

There just are no words.


Um.....Your a MOMMY!!! What a great start to a new year! A New Years baby! Thats amazing news on so many levels. Congratulations on your new baby boy. He's the lucky one.


This is so wonderful and so wonderfully put. And the timing, with your loss segueing into your new life as parents, is pure poetry.

Many congrats and much joy with your new family member!


This is so wonderful and so wonderfully put. And the timing, with your loss segueing into your new life as parents, is pure poetry.

Many congrats and much joy with your new family member!


oh my, rebeccah, how very wonderful! I want to say holy crap(!) but somehow that doesn't seem fitting. it all just sounds so wonderful.

and wow, way to be "ready!"

many congratulations on your new life as parents! enjoy each other.


and yes, I agree the timing and convergence is all so very poetic and auspicious. a new year's baby! chosen for you on your edd. amazing!


OH!!!! So so so so thrilled & excited & overjoyed for you guys. Oh honey- what a beautiful and perfect way to start the new year. CONGRATULATIONS!!!




Congratulations! God bless your new son.


Congratulations - that is truly fantastic news. What an amazing start to 2009!


This is such incredibly wonderful news! I am so, so happy for you. I hope you are having a wonderful first few days together as a family.


OMG! I have a tear going down my cheek! Congratulations. 2009 is pretty good so far.


Oh my goodness. I've never commented so am a COMPLETE stranger but just as COMPLETELY thrilled for you as a bff would be. This is just the most wonderful surprise and I am so happy for you! What an amazing new year.


Oh Congratulations a thousand times! Your post brings tears to my eyes though I don't even know you... came over from Mel's L&F. So happy for you!


Oh my gosh, this story made me cry!! I'm here from L&F and this is really what I needed to hear today. I have a friend having all sort of trouble with her baby, and a happy adoption story is always the right stuff. (We have a domestically adopted daughter and an IVF son.)



oh what a lovely story, congratulations!


OH my this is AWESOME NEWS! I am so thrilled for you guys - when I wished your dreams to come true on your last post, I had no idea it would be so quickly!

WOO HOO, congrats to you, mom and dad!!!!!!!!


Congratulations! Found you on Lost and Found...

Wishing you the best as you begin this awesome journey of motherhood! It really is the BEST!

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