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December 15, 2008



That crib is absurd. And I thought the Land of Nod cribs were expensive! Compared to that thing, they're practically bargain-basement.

Assvice alert: Skip the B*jorn and spend your money on a carrier that will still be comfortable when your baby weighs more than 10 pounds. Or don't. It's your registry. Ignore me as I stick my nose where it doesn't belong!

Also, I am totally going to start calling our pile of cloth diapers a 'system' It will make me feel important.

Can you tell I'm getting a little stir crazy? Our town is a sheet of ice and I'm facing down another day trapped inside with two shorties.


oooh! I want photos of the snow!
Sounds like you are getting a great list going- I am very impressed. The baby STUFF is insane. I wish there was some kind of starter kit that we could get- you know like when you get a kitten...heh
Can't wait to hear MORE!!


It's actually snowing here, too -- or was -- enough that the Munchkin will be excited when she leaves "schoolday."

I liked my B*jorn -- used it until my daughter was about 14 months old! But I know other people haven't found it as comfortable. I guess having these big hips came in handy for something! But Heather, you are a more dedicated woman than I am -- my commitment to the environment fell apart at the prospect of cloth diapers! :-)

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