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November 28, 2008



you're right -- it sucks that you're in this position and you should be able to just take leave and not worry about it. sounds like you're well aware of all of the issues -- and how messed up it is that they would expect you to work while on leave and not respect your boundaries. at the same time you know it's your responsibility to set and defend those limits -- whether it's a few weeks off or working half time.

I have a similar situation though I don't practice anymore -- no one to cover and the work will pile up or grind to a halt while I'm away. except I plan to take a lot longer than 2 wks, and I can't plan when.

I think if you want to go back, you'll need the zen approach. continue to inform them as best you can and let it go. set your limits and honor them. do what you can when you get back. life will go on if you disappear for a little while. I know you think you're doing yourself a favor because the work piles up. but how many chances do you get to be a new mom?


You're right -- that totally sucks. It just feels discriminatory and illegal and awful (from my naive, sheltered and indignant point of view.) Anyone you'd like me to beat up for you? ;-)

On the other hand -- wow, a car seat! Is it starting to feel real?

Sending you good wishes and love.


Your boss sounds like he is using the typical man approach. You sound very similar to me in that you don't like to do a job half-a**ed. But he's the boss and if he is happy with that then try not to stress yourself. I've been using this approach at work now and it is easier and I'm much happier at work and at home.

Exciting news about the car seat.



I don't know whether you practice in a state that does the fancy-schmancy online CLE programs, or whether your jurisdiction will approve credit for this program (mine did), but I have been where you are, and this one got me thinking about things a little differently (it's about work-life balance):



I own a small business with my father. I totally understand what you're saying. Not because no one will LET me have leave but just because it's practically impossible that I would actually be able to take it. It's something I started worrying about ... 38 months ago ... honestly, I had all but forgotten until I read this post. It is scary shit.

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