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August 15, 2008



glad you're home on the couch. I agree that you must be very persuasive and effective, and of course the lawyer thing helps too. I'm just glad they're giving you the attention you deserve. I like your new doc, and the pager sounds pretty cool too.


I really hope that this ends your bleeding...I'm glad you have the weekend to relax. I saw that picture of Matt Damon...what's that all about? Anyway, feel better and enjoy your pain meds!


New Doc sounds like a breath of much-needed fresh air. Glad the pamphlet project is getting such a positive response. Enjoy your weekend Potter-ing...I will admit to a childlike disappointment in seeing the saga end and am actually considering re-reading them (maybe I'll just wait until R's old enough for me to read them out loud to her and preserve my respectability...)


I'm glad things went well - although I was out before the notion of a D&C came up so I was surprised to see that in my Google Reader! Way to keep up, Mrs. X!

And, the new doctor does indeed sound fabulous. I think you will have a great collaboration on your pamphlet.


Glad you are home now and resting...wishing u a quick recovery girl. The pamphlet with your input will be brilliant! Thinking of u....xoxoxoxo

Ashley L.

So very glad that you are home and enjoying (if that's the right word) 4 days of rest and recovery. I'm also glad you are comfortable. Take delight in your books and whatever else you feel like doing/having. Don't deny yourself anything. You deserve so much more. Thinking of you.


I hope you've had a relaxing recovery. The only thing that truly distracts me is fantasy or science fiction. Somehow, battling evil or roaming the outer reaches of space are strangely reassuring. It must be the stories: In a time when all our narratives break down, only Harry Potter or Tolkien or things like that have the storylines to sustain us...

Anyway, wishing you rest, comfort, and love!


I'm glad it went well, but so sorry you had to deal with it in the first place.

Rest up & enjoy your book!

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