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July 04, 2008



I've got a good deal of the same folders in a cabinet... including my new one of receipts for a tax refund. and I'm with you on that last bullet -- we've wiped out our down payment trying to just have the kid...

sorry people are so insensitive to talk about trying again so soon -- it just shows so little understanding for what you've been through and what you're going through.


And then there are the "God's/Nature's way of taking care of things" or "Wasn't meant to be" folks. They're my personal favorites.

Be good to yourself.


I'm deeply saddened for you and shocked by people's comments. I'm so sorry.

Our IF medical records have killed a few trees as well over the years. Ho hum.


Why is it that people can be so stupid? Sorry to hear you're being plagued by them.

I have gotten the "just adopt" "just relax" from friend in real life who are "infertile" - took clomid and boom pregnant.
Now I didn't freak, but inside I boiled...


I am completely in support of that last paragraph!

the Babychaser

I've been sitting here stunned for a moment, because I feel like any response to this can only be "Amen."

As for the stupid assholes who don't understand miscarriage, I have to say that I, too, once suffered from the misconception that a miscarriage "occurred," not that it could be ongoing, that it can take weeks. And NO ONE seems to know how to react to one, unless they've had one themselves.

As for the stupid assholes who think ANY of this can be resolved with relaxation: don't they know that spending this kind of money is REALLY REALLY STRESSFUL??? And even my acupuncturist asked why we don't pursue adoption at the same time as IVF. Where does she think the money is going to come from? We can't afford ONE of the options, how in hell can we afford BOTH???

And the paperwork is just ridiculous. My "medical" file in my office is thicker than some of my case files. And my chart at my RE's office is so think it's literally falling apart. I should start a pool on how long before they give up and start a new one.

Just know you're not alone. There are a lot of idiot out there, some assholes and some just clueless. But those of us who live in your computer really do understand.

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