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June 16, 2008


Ashley L.

I know I can't say much to cheer you. But those strong, hormonal, raging flare-ups only demonstrate the real biochemical explosions going on in your brain during
pregnancy. Those hormones suggest a really strong placental attachment and good fetal development. Hopefully they'll tame themselves for the girl weekend. Good luck tomorrow at the u/s. I'm sure loosing your last post did not help matters! I remember yelling at my husband and feeling intense rage when his beer took up one shelf in the fridge and I wanted to thaw a package of meat and had nowhere to set it. How DARE he!


Good luck with the u/s!! Hope you have a great weekend with your friends. :)


Grumble, grumble and one more GRUMBLE! I know how it is, never seem to get things done. I don't even work, have no kids, just me and DH and i still cannot find the time to accomplish everything!

Hope you're weekend will be fabulous and enjoy your alone time, it will be awesome!

Waiting to hear on Sammy, I know all is GREAT!!!

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