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June 25, 2008



still so sorry about your m/c and hoping it happens naturally without intervention needed. I understand about walking away from DEs and moving back towards adoption.

it sounds like you're on a similar timeline as me now. we were just fingerprinted yesterday and I'm sending off our homestudy application today. we had done most of our applic. last fall, but it took a few days to finish it.

wishing you well in all of it.


I wish I could say this under different circumstances, but welcome to the adoptive ranks.


Good luck with the adoption process. And I will be thinking of you as these next few weeks pass and your body heals.


This is a certain amount of peace in a plan, huh? I'm glad you're on your way. Hate, hate, hate the circumstances leading to your new plan, but love the control part, even if illusory.


Best of luck with the adoption process.

I have had both a natural m/c and a D&C. Both involved pain. Don't be scared to get a prescription for pain medication and take it as needed, or even when you think you could need it. I wish you didn't to experience the process at all.


I hope your MC happens naturally and also at least the adoption plan, after your fingerprints AGAIN is getting on its way. Thinking of you my friend.

Ashley L.

I'm thinking about you, and glad your plan has given you some clear vision and comfort, even if only a little. I'm just so sorry you are going through this.


Your ability to plan and keep the ball rolling is so admirable. I, too, wish you didn't have to go through this. I'm eager to hear more about your adoption journey.

On a completely stupid other note, I haven't had a chance yet to pick up your tag, and I'm sorry about that. I'm going to do so very soon.


Options are good. The problem with this whole business is that yes, there are lots of options, but we never know which one will lead us to the goal or to be more accurate, which one will lead us to the goal with the least amount of pain, invasiveness, time, money, etc. I'm glad you have a plan which I hope will be the one what leads to the goal. I'm thinking of you.


found you thru another blog and sending you a hug, you sound "strong" (a word used to descibe me often) and I'm hoping you appreciate all your feelings even the anger when my son died three years ago I tried not to be "angry" boy did that not work...ha! be good to yourself..spoil yourself and I will continue to read so I can celebrate with you when you getthe child meant for you!!!


I'm so sorry that you're stuck in the zone between loss of your baby and m/c. It does make closure hard.

As for the adoption red tape....sheesh!



My heart goes out to you. Lots of love, and good luck with everything. (Incidentally, I'm indignant on your behalf regarding the paperwork, fingerprints, etc.)

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