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June 22, 2008



I can really relate to your commenting on how it isn't strength that holds us together. It is the fact that if you crumble, you will crumble all the way. Wow, what a way to put it. That is how I felt, maybe even still feel. People would say, "Oh, you are so strong." I always just told them it was because I had to be.

Stay strong. Continuing to keep you in my thoughts.



I'm so sorry rebeccah. I'm sorry that bad news is all familiar. it all just sucks. strength is an innate survival instinct. of course you are strong. but grieving is natural. thinking of you.


Thanks for letting us know you are still here. I'm sending you thoughts.

I can completely relate to the last paragraph of your post. I could have written it myself if I was a better writer.


It's funny, some people have a relatively "easy life" they get jobs easily, find their partner, get married have children etc etc.
For me, and for you, this simply does not describe our lives. I've often wondered why? See I'm not even a pessimist. I'm an optimitist, it has nothing to do with life out look.

I think it's resiliency. Some people are more resilient then others. Like you.
You can get up in the morning and keep going because you have a deep seeded sense of resiliency (that's why your not letting yourself crumble).
And the reason why we have to work so hard? The reason why we get such raw deals? Because we can take it. Because we won't give up. Because those that can't take it are institutionallized (not that we will be heading down that path).

I'm thinking about you lots, take care of each other.


I am so sorry that you have had another turn of bad luck, but I will continue to hope for better things in your future. You and your husband are in my thoughts.


Lurker here feeling the need to comment. Your last paragraph sent chills down my spine because I could have wrote the same words myself.

I am so sorry for your loss.


Lurker here as well. And I too could have written that last paragraph or at least sometimes I feel that way. I too, at about the same time, was in your practically exact same situation. I am so sorry, and I understand. Do what YOU feel is right. I opted to wait and not do the D&C right away(or not to do D&C at all but after 5 months was told I had to). You are strong and will make the right decision for you. You always pull yourself out of the muck right? This time is no different, but they hurt all the same.
Know that there are people out here thinking about you and wishing you only the best.


I am again so sorry for your loss, Rebeccah. I couldn't help but think of you this past weekend and wondered how you were. Please take care. (I wish I had something more eloquent to say)


I am so sorry you are going through this. Although I dont know you I wish I could there to lend you some support. I am sending lots of healing vibes your way.


I wish I could hug you. I wouldn't tell you're strong or anything, I wouldn't say a word, only a hug.

Thinking of you my friend. xoxoxoxoxo


Thinking of you and hoping for a change of luck in the future

The Babychaser

I've come to hate it when people tell me how strong I am. Not that I disagree, all this shit life has thrown at me has shown me how strong I really can be. It's just that I want to shake them and tell them "I didn't CHOOSE to be this strong. Life just hates me. You could be this strong. Anyone could. They just have to get fucked over often enough."

I really hope your adoption process (and results!) bring you to a place where happiness is also familar territory. That dark place where you live can be exhausting and draining. You need some peace.

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