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May 29, 2008


Dr. Grumbles

Well, I hope the symptom loss doesn't mean anything. They are supposed to fluxuate quite a bit early on.


Wow - I feel bad for the donor and especially that couple. Very happy things worked out for you though!

I can understand why the timing of your lack of symptoms would completely freak you out. I know that my symptoms did come and go, so it can be normal. I guess the fatigue was pretty much around all the time, but some days it wasn't as bad as others. I don't often say this to people, but I hope you feel nauseous, tired and bloated tomorrow!


Wow, it's funny how everything worked out, huh? I do feel very badly for the poor couple who were paying for the donor eggs.

I totally get what you're saying about enjoying the pregnancy symptoms and being comforted by their presence. I think I would / will be the same way. I'm sure everything is fine, though. Enjoy your lack of nausea while it lasts! :)


I can understand all the mixed emotions right now -- heightened by hormones, no less! What a shame for the other couple -- but I'm glad you got to brighten Agency Lady's day. My sister-in-law had a similar experience while TTC -- after testing, the doctors called to say that my brother's sperm count was very low and they should consider a donor and Jamie was able to say, "Maybe next time -- right now, I'm pregnant!" :-)

Sweet dreams, Sammy -- I'm sure you're just resting and considerately giving Mama a break!


What a great calL! SO happy foryou and I know Sammy is just giving you a break....they'll be back soon, those symptoms!!


Sounds like you managed to completely avoid a nasty situation! How terrible for the other couple, though. Hope you get nauseaous just reading this comment. :)

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