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May 22, 2008



Congratulations on your "parasite." ;)

I've been lurking on your blog for months and I am so happy for you!! Your journey has been very inspiring.

I (finally!) started my own blog. If you get a moment, please stop by and check it out:



Luckily, my first trimester was in the summer, because I spent every afternoon feeling as if I'd been hit over the head with a two-by-four. It wasn't even napping; it was passing out. I remember very clearly thinking, "How could anyone possibly hold down a full-time job and do this?" Thank God for academia! ;-)


Great to hear that the alien is hanging around.


It's amazing how this teeny tiny being rules your body! Your description of first-trimester fatigue and appetite sounds so familiar. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat. I didn't even get off my arse in the morning to go for a walk before work like you do, which I usually do (I used the excuse that it was just too cold out) You'll notice one day that you don't feel like passing out as soon as you walk in the door in the afternoon/evening, and it will slowly get better, but be prepared to sleep through the next few weeks. ;)



Some time away from blogs as well as a vacation to Mexico kept me away for a couple months or so - I was so delighted this morning in catching up on your entries!

Lots of fingers crossed over here for you - and for Sammy nestling in for a nice long stay in that lovely new home he's found for himself!


How funny! So you get that hungry when preg? Very cool. So if my embabies are sticking around i can eat and eat and not feel guilty, as I will have a parasite(s), love it! So happy for you....

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