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March 31, 2008



how very cool! She likes to backpack, very nice, i get that too, good karma, it will help her in the cycle.
I'm having the same blahs the i still see snow but it's april blah, the i'm so out of shape i won't be able to fit into any of my work clothes, blah. Oh well, I'm trying to get back into shape, i just want my clothes to fit me!


Amazing news.


Sounds like it was meant to be! A hiking donor of choice!! Congrats.

I very much relate to the "depressing weekend." And, like you, it's lack of exercise, uncertainty about next steps and a general antipathy about not having any control. You're on the right path, July is a stone's throw away.


Congratulations! How exciting! And it's much easier to put up with waiting when you know there's an end in sight (at least it is for me.) Glad you found someone so simpatico!


Congratulations! That's great news! July will be here in no time.


First: YAY!!! Second: If I had the choice of giving you my eggs or helping you move...yeah, I'd hafta go with the eggs! :) However, since my eggs are as old as yours, I'm thinking at some point I'm gonna hafta help you people move...darn it! I'm 'cited for you and the Mister!


Congratulations on 'reserving' your donor, and one with some ‘hiking genes’ too! :)

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