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March 26, 2008



We are in the same place. I hope our donors come through for us soon. The decision was the hard part and now I am ready to go.

My eyes are going bad, too...


I love your comment about the peas. I'm sure it must kind of seem like that, huh? Or more like speed dating. I couldn't agree more about time ticking away. I giggle now (with a hint of a sneer) when I remember at the ripe old age of 35 thinking, I've got plenty of time. Nothing has aged me like the perception of my infertility.

So do you meet your donor at all or is that even something you would want to do?


You're right -- all of this is dizzying. And I'm always amazed at the age restrictions -- as a then-40-year-old, I could never have donated the egg that created Rachael -- nor could my sister-in-law have donated the egg that became my nephew Jack (she was 41). But, biased as I am, I think they both turned out fine. Good luck with everything -- it sounds as if things are shaping up, and you are wonderful, blurry eyes and all! (Yeah, I've got presbyopia, too!)


New reader here — just found your blog. I am looking forward to following along and cheering you on. (Our donor was 31. I hope her cycle didn't cause her to miss any AARP meetings or anything.)


the waiting must be so hard, I'm sure you'd like to get started on your own timetable. btw, my step-SIL transferred 2 donor embryos and just gave birth to twins... ~luna

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