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March 18, 2008



I. love. your. post. Love it. And you are absolutely on point in your analysis. I would add (If I may) that you are actually helping the economy by using donor eggs because you will be producing a future employable human being who will support you in your old age and buy you lots of shoes, thus further jump starting the economy. I'm glad that you have a plan.


Great reasons! I wish I had thought of the one of opening up more spots for gay couples in the adoption pool - that might have helped me come to my decision faster. Good luck as you go through the next steps.


Mazel Tov! And I can't think of a better time of year to be hunting for eggs! :) Oh --- and I can't WAIT for the day when we meet for (decaf) coffee and I get to say, "OMYGAWD....You.Are.HUUUUUUGE!!"


Congratulations -- sounds as if you're moving ahead smoothly and surely. Good for both of you! And good luck with the DE cycle -- I look forward to reading all about it!


Great! Im glad to hear you were able to make a decision ;) Best of luck, and I cant wait to hear all about it.



Gosh, I am so excited for you! Congrats on coming to a decision!

Maybe we'll end up cycling at the same time again - with much better outcomes!


I'm glad things are moving along for you! You should also add to the donor egg 'pluses' - you'll probably get a child faster than with adoption (basing this on what I have read) Pregnancy also makes your nails grow longer so you'll have shiny hair as well as long nails ;)

I hope everything goes smoothly with the whole donor eggie process!


I particularly love the reasoning that the economy sucks and you wouldn't be getting any interest anyway - you are stimulating the economy when you get donor eggs! Do it for the economy!

Seriously, though, best of luck on this new chapter. I don't know if hubby and I will ever get here, but I'm sure you will show us all how it is done.

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