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February 22, 2008



I don't know how you're pondering these major life decisions while trying to cram all that unimportant crap into your brain for quick regurgitation. go you!

the odds with a known donor sound incredible. my RE said one reason the odds are so high is not just because the eggs are so young, but because the harshest part of IVF is being done to someone else. it's much less invasive and implantation can be easier. lots to think about.

anyway, just wanted to wish you lots of luck on the bar. I know its coming up soon. just remember to breathe.


You're a very good writer, which is precisely why you're going to breeze through the bar exam, exceptions to the hearsay rule notwithstanding. I am hopeful that the cold leaves soon, the bar soon is over and you can get down to decision making. I loved your post


I say go for it with the DE, those stats are pretty amazing;) But im sure whatever you decide will work out wonderfully.



I'm so with you on the DE front, my friend. So much so that I could have written this post! Well, except for the stuff about the bar exam and law-type things...

Sending you good thoughts for the exam - and all that other stuff floating around in your head too...

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