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February 16, 2008



I totally agree! What is wrong with a man like that? I honestly think it hurts their pride to think they cannot get "their women" pregnant! Like they are less of a man. I would suggest some serious counseling!

Good luck with the studying ;)


I think there are some men that just can't get past the idea of leaving a specimen--at least that's what it so often seems to come down to.

I know my husband was mortified by the whole thing (and I don't doubt it is embarrassing), but in the grand scheme of things, he kept his eyes on the prize. What's a little mortification among total strangers, right?


I'm sure each situation is unique, but I know there are men who just can't get over the idea of making a baby that way, you know, in a lab with professional help. some men just don't want to ask for help, and would hate to rely on it. maybe they're too manly, too embarrassed? ~luna

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