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February 17, 2008



I think we all feel like that when someone we dont like ends up pregnant! Its a natural response to be irritated. But I think you handled it well ;)

As for the whole crying thing, that is kinda odd. Usually after a good cry I feel invigorated and relieved.


I do know how it goes. I always wondered why I could go for months and not cry and then other times I was like a tap in need of a washer, it was non-stop. I've been looking into prolactin as I had raised levels last year. One of the things I found in my reading around raised prolactin levels one of the side effects was excessive tears/crying. When I looked back at my blood test results and compared it with my diary my raised levels coincided with the tears. I'm anxious posting this in a comment but your post really struck a chord with me.


I just watched that movie and that happy ending put a lump in my throat too. stupid fairytales.

I find a good cry to be cleansing, but like you I find it's hard to turn off the release valve once it's been opened. I practice a lot of deep breathing to avoid inappropriate times, and I let loose when I am free to bawl without limit. I think it's necessary and cathartic.

here's a secret trick for you -- rinse your eyes with cold water after crying to remove the salt, which makes them puffy. sad that I know this, but it's true. cold water rinse!

and btw I still don't see how I can possibly remain "unattached" to the idea of motherhood. this is where buddhism fails me, or where I fail myself maybe... thanks for this post.


It's difficult to accept the idea that you can't always get what you want (I certainly have not accepted that idea, though I know I should) because we're taught that if you work hard enough, try hard enough, want it bad enough, you can get whatever your little heart desires! IF totally crushes that whole idea. You can try your a** off, do everything possible and IF still can come back and laugh at you. You're obviously a very determined person (I can't fathom taking the bar exam) and as such, the whole IF thing just doesn't make sense. It certainly doesn't make sense to me,

Oh, the overactive tear ducts - you could be describing me. Have you installed cameras in my house?! Crying at bedtime is worse for me though - I look like a monster the entire next day. I can actually hide a long-term daytime on-off cry better than a pre-bedtime cry.

BTW, regarding your earlier post about male partners who refuse to even explore the idea of assisted reproduction - I don't get it. I can see a guy being a little uncomfortable, perhaps, at first, especially if they don't know much about it. But, for the men who won't even discuss it (for reasons that aren't financial, they've already tired everything possible, religious issues, etc) I think it may come down to MANhood. They will feel like they're less of a MAN if they can't knock up their wife/girlfriend the 'old fashioned' way.
Or, they're just total jerks.

I enjoy reading your posts - thanks for continuing to write during this very busy and stressful time for you.

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